B2B sales teams outsourced to drive pipeline growth and revenue.

The ally to expedite your B2B sales objectives, leveraging expertise and a range of high-speed sales solutions.

Seamless Integration

Out of the box with Income Garden

Multilingual Sales

Presentation and closing of deals in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, or Chinese.

Marketing Optimization

Direct assistance with campaign management, resource connection, and hands-on campaign operation.

Performance Analysis

Ensuring optimal spend by monitoring cost per conversion, clicks, conversion rates, KPIs, show rates, and ROAS.

Assets Access

Provision of assets from our past successful e-commerce campaigns for your utilization.

AI Integration

Setting up AI tools for your campaigns to enhance lead generation.

Web and Tech Support

Our in-house web designers and tech team will ensure your online platforms are primed for maximum client conversion.


Creation and publication of blogs, online articles, and placements to bolster your online presence and build consumer trust.

Customer Outreach

Our 50-person call center will engage with your clients through calls, emails, and SMS.

CRM Building

Assisting in CRM development, automation setup, and tracking software integration.

Verified Top Level Closers

Over fifty Closers on our roster, appointment setters, and pitch professionals delivering proven scripts with our guarantee.

Outsourced Sales Service

Wealth Grown
With You

Income Garden offers our clients smart, simple, and seamless B2B outsourced sales services designed to streamline your business operations. With a commitment to efficiency and excellence, we provide tailored solutions that empower your company to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Our innovative approach ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. Trust Income Garden for a partnership that simplifies your sales process and drives success.

About Us

Income Garden

We work with different high-ticket sales verticals as highly effective, industry-agnostic, ethical Sales Closers to bring superior services to our clients. While we are mainly providing business to business solutions, we work very hard to preserve our name and bring the best to all who get to know us or who get to do business with us, and we do this by delivering the best to you and to your clients.

Our CEO, The Dan Rogul, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and IT and has 20 years of experience as a Business Systems Analyst with Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin and McAfee, as well as successful startups like GetWellNetwork and Ciphent (acquired by Accuvant). The Dan excels in forming strategic partnerships and securing contracts ranging from six to nine figures.

Our COO, Jason Cason, specializes in Finance and Capital Raises, securing up to nine figures for clients. He assembles knowledgeable financial teams and heads our West Coast division while serving as an active Flight Medic for the Army.

$25 billion in Sales, our team's track record speaks volumes

20% revenue increase on average after the first quarter

Surpassing 100% in most cases by the end of the fiscal year


What is your background in Sales?

Our Sales Team brings a wealth of industry experience, with a proven track record of generating $25 billion in sales. Our expert Sales Closers have achieved a 20% revenue increase within the first quarter for the majority of our clients. The Income Garden approach yields remarkable growth, often exceeding 100% by year-end, depending on the industry.

Many of our Executives and technicians are serial entrepreneurs, offering services to each other’s businesses, particularly in High and Ultra-High Ticket Sales. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients, while actively refining strategies for maximum impact and for maximum benefits.

How will my Company and I benefit from working with you and your team?

When you partner with Income-Garden for Sales, you get a team highly specialized in high-ticket sales that your clients only see as your sales team. You get tailored strategies, optimized processes, and done-for-you sales solutions to help you close valuable deals efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your core business as we manage your sales process externally.

Our dedicated Sales Team and Closing Experts work tirelessly to deliver impressive results. At Income Garden, our mission is to ensure exceptional success for our clients, driven by our talented team.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Contractually, we may not be obligated to take care of the customers as much as we do, but if we only did what we were contractually obligated to do, then we’d only be operating at the bare minimum. That’s not good enough for anyone at this company.

Our aim is to do right by every customer of any business we engage in, because integrity is about doing the right thing, even when no one else is watching. We are in the relationships business. We are good at transactions, but we only work with people we like and we work hard to make sure the people we do busines with, like doing business with us, too.

Our integrity and our commitment to the numbers as high-ticket Sales Closers empower our clients to focus their attention elsewhere while we get the job done in closing their sales and driving their top line revenue to higher and higher levels.

How will we benefit from working with you and your team?

When you bring on the Income-Garden Sales team, you get a company who seamlessly integrates into your current system. We play a crucial role in supporting your Company by providing our specialized expertise in closing high-ticket and high value deals. This is a niche market that most Closers can’t compete in. If you have high-ticket sales, you need high-ticket Closers.

We’ll work with you to create a Needs Assessment to identify your specific requirements and goals. We learn about your target market, your ideal customer profile, and your sales objectives. Then we look to build you a Customized Sales Strategy process, where we focus on targeting high-value prospects to close high-ticket deals efficiently and effectively.

We will review your current Sales Process and perform a Sale Process Optimization with the Sales teams we bring in. We will implement our best practices, our technology tools, and our data analytics to improve conversion rates and efficiency. Together, we will monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify areas for improvement and implement changes as necessary.

One of the key advantages to our services is Cost Management. By bringing us on, our clients can focus on other aspects of their business while their Sales process is managed externally by expert Closers. As your Company grows and evolves, you can adapt your resources and strategies to scale up or down as needed.